Ensure That It Stays Moving: How you can Reinforce and Extend Learning

Ensure That It Stays Moving: How you can Reinforce and Extend Learning

The general public library in Waupaca, Wisconsin will have a Civil Discussion Series. The reason would be to ‘strengthen community through relationship and understanding.’ It’ll start by teaching civil communication techniques. This can prepare the participants to make use of civil discourse because they discuss the “Hard Topics” which have polarized our country, for example immigration.

The program got me considering all the various kinds of personality profiles which help people learn to better talk to others and also to value their variations. DiSC, Meyers-Briggs, Kiersey Temperament Sorter, INSIGHT inventory, Neuro-linguistic Programming, True Colors, The Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument, and also the Big Five are only a couple of of those personality tests.

Each test measures personality and behavior styles, including communication preferences. Individuals who take these tests leave having a better knowledge of themselves and just how they connect with others. They gain understanding of their strengths and challenges, with recommendations concerning how to strengthen their interpersonal effectiveness.

Individuals or entire teams leave using their personality profiles in hands, prepared to recognize, value and communicate better with other people who’ve different personalities and requires. All this would be to the great. However the glass is just half full. The apparent real question is, “Ok now what will they use this awareness?”

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Obviously they’re likely to apply what they have learned within their daily work and social lives. However, would not it be great in the event that learning might be reinforced inside a more structured fashion- inside a peer learning group where different perspectives are valued and positively searched for out? This could keep your learning moving through constructive and collaborative conversations more than a subject of mutual interest.

Peer learning groups will also be meant to ‘strengthen community through relationship and understanding.’ However, rather from the community in particular, the main focus is around the members’ workplace. Hard topics under discussion would be the challenges and difficulties that managers face throughout their daily work lives. The intent from the peer learning groups would be to develop the managers’ strengths while providing them with the chance to deal with their challenges inside a practical and timely manner.

The dialogue inside the peer learning group will allow the participants flex their recently acquired understanding of the communication styles. They are able to practice with impunity and with no repercussions since they’re among their peers.

A peer learning group is an excellent testing ground for brand new behaviors. In reality, the best objective of a peer learning group is perfect for the participants to rehearse and adopt new, more efficient behaviors and responses. It’s a great way to keep your civil discourse on your journey to a particular goal instead of departing it to chance.

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