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Take Advantage Of All The Benefits Of Your Credit Card

Take Advantage Of All The Benefits Of Your Credit Card

In countries using foreign currencies, to make a purchase on the internet or in emergencies: these are the scenarios in which the average Belgian uses his credit card most frequently. But a Cream Bank credit card can give you benefits in other circumstances too.

Pay without worry

With the credit card, you benefit from a free payment deferral of your purchase. Until the (fixed) date on which you receive your extract. When you receive your extract, you have a choice. Either you repay the entire amount due, and you pay no interest. Either you pay less. And in this case, you pay interest for the period and on the amount for which you defer payment. You must reimburse monthly minimum 1 / 18th or 1 / 24th of the amount used, with a minimum of 25 $.

Additional protection

One or more insurances are also included with all Cream Bank credit cards. Like purchase insurance, which covers your purchases of at least $ 50 in the event of theft from burglary or violence or in the event of accidental damage togel dingdong. Some cards even offer an extended warranty for your purchases in addition to the legal 2-year warranty. Other cards are associated with travel insurance. For complete information, check the different credit cards.

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The savings system associated with certain cards is also a great advantage. Because you benefit from a reduction on all your purchases, up to 3%. For some cards, the principle only applies to your purchases on the internet, for others to all your purchases. If you use your card regularly, these reductions can be very attractive.

A reduction on your vacation

Cream Bank also offers cards in collaboration with other partners. The World MasterCard allows you to benefit from a 2% reduction on all your purchases in the DIY chain. The Neckermann World MasterCard offers you up to $ 250 reduction on your next vacation with this tour operator.

If you like to collect airmiles, you are also at the right address at Cream Bank. Every euro spent with the Cream Bank World Travel MasterCard turns into a mile.

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