Home Loan: Types, Interest Rates and Characteristics

Home Loan: Types, Interest Rates and Characteristics

Buying a house has always been the dream of most Italians. In the last period, moreover, more and more young people are seriously considering the idea of  taking this big step by taking advantage of particularly low interest rates.

If on the one hand, in fact, the cost of money for these great needs is rather low on the other the property market, especially in recent years, is characterized by more or less stable and attractive prices. In this regard, Best Lender offers its customers very advantageous mortgage conditions both for those who are preparing to buy or renovate their home or for those who have already bought it and want to transfer their debt, obtaining new liquidity for some unexpected events.

Best Lender for the home: what it offers

The Best Lender home loan is a financing solution that the French bank offers its customers so that they can buy a house or renovate it. Best Lender, in fact, provides different solutions that take into consideration the most disparate variables according to the needs of all customers.

The offer includes the classic fixed and variable rate mortgages for the purchase, the home renovation loan and the possibility, no less important, of being able to transfer the loan taken out to another intermediary to obtain more advantageous solutions and additional liquidity. Let’s see in detail the offer of Best Lender for the home.

Home Mortgage: the different types

The panorama of Best Lender loans for the home is the most extensive in circulation. In fact, in addition to freely deciding whether to activate a fixed or variable rate mortgage, the customer can opt for various solutions that make the installment more or less flexible over time.

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It starts from the classic constant installment mortgage with French amortization and then continues with the option of increasing or decreasing installment over time. Let’s look at these different offers in more detail.

Best Lender Home Mortgage: Carefree Mortgage

The Best Lender home loan allows customers to get 75% of the commercial value of the property financed for the realization of their dreams.

It is a type of fixed rate mortgage, which therefore avoids bad surprises in the future, and with a constant installment. Best Lender presents this solution as one of the most suitable for permanent workers and freelancers: it allows, in fact, from the first moment to know how much the financing will actually cost and to organize itself in time for the payment of all installments, which remember to be fixed and predetermined over time.

As regards, however, the requirements for submitting an application, Best Lender in addition to specifying that each customer must have a stable working situation, stresses that the minimum age for the request is 18 years while the maximum at expiry of the amortization plan must not exceed the 80.

Best Lender home loan: Future Peaceful Mortgage

The Best Lender solution is characterized by being a fixed rate loan with which it is possible to obtain up to 75% of the commercial value of the property on which the mortgage is entered and for an amortization plan with decreasing installments over time.

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This solution is especially suitable for all those who want to free up liquidity over time from their family budget in view of any commitments or contingencies.

Best Lender home loan: Rental mortgage plus fixed rate

This type of fixed rate loan provides a type of rate that increases over time. In particular, from the moment of signing the contract, the customer will see the installment increase exactly every 5 years.

The solution in question certainly meets the needs of those who, while enjoying a stable working solution, are still willing to change jobs or new couples and those workers who have recently passed the trial period.

This we have presented is the solution that Best Lender offers for the purchase of a house or the renovation of the same at a fixed rate. The bank also offers a range of variable rate solutions designed for those who want to take full advantage of the very low market interest rate situation.

In this case, the offer includes classic variable rate mortgages, mortgages with increasing installments and flexible duration, six-monthly installments and variable rate mortgages with a CAP. Let’s analyze in detail the different proposals.

Best Lender home loan: Variable mortgage

The Best Lender Variable Mortgage is probably the most flexible one in circulation in the range of financing products offered by the French bank in order to grasp the opportunities that gradually arise on the interest rate market.

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In this regard, Best Lender offers a solution that takes into consideration the 1-month Lite Bank as the reference interest rate, recorded monthly, plus a fixed and predetermined spread which represents the intermediary’s gain.

Therefore, depending on how this type of interest rate varies, the installment that the customer who has turned on this type of mortgage will have to pay.

The mortgage in question allows to be financed up to 70% of the commercial value of the property that is going to be purchased or renovated and can be requested by all permanent workers or by freelancers permanently residing in Italy for at least 5 years.

Best Lender Home Mortgage: Rental Mortgage Plus Variable Rate

The Loan Plus Variable Rate mortgage allows you to enjoy a variable rate loan always anchored to the Lite Bank, but with the awareness that the installment is increasing over time while the duration is flexible.

This solution is ready for those who not only want to take full advantage of the advantageous situation of the markets, but also take into account any future changes in their path, both positive and negative.

Since, in fact, the variable debt revaluation rate it will be possible to expect a positive surprise in terms of duration if the latter continues its downward trend.

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